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A Study in Sherlock’s facial expressions (A Scandal in Belgravia)

Phil is not on fire 6 quote

Phil is not on fire 6 quote<<< I would probably die if that happened

They could add euros "redheaded classmate gone missing, also, homework lit on fire"... X-)

Sherlock and Mycroft's school disciplinary forms.<---I would have loved to go to school with those two, imagine their response to the teacher and implying how they're wrong

Sherlock On Tumblr #32

[ just imagine the line 'I am fire. I am death.' Running thru his head.

Sherlock personality quiz. I got Molly :) Well, actually I took it twice and the first time I got Sherlock and thought "how in God's name did this happen?" As much as I love him, there's no way I'm like him haha. So I took it again and figured Molly was a little more believable ;)

Sherlock personality quiz - I got Sherlock! Though, he doesn't match me very well except for it's hard for me to make new friends and I am extremely loyal.

Ahh but would it be Sherlock randomly microwaving the banana for a case or something and baffling Jogn or would John be microwaving the banana because Sherlock's always doing random shit like putting eyeballs in his tea in the name of science and John's trying it out

I actually put a banana in the microwave for like a minute to make banana bread bc my banana wasn't ripe enough. it turned dark brown (normal) and started to smell really gross (not normal)

Sherlock Reference!!!! Go Bombdiggity!!!!

Sherlock Reference!!!! Go Bombdiggity!!!!