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2013 August: Wolves in Berlin 47 by windfuchs on DeviantArt

2013 August: Wolves in Berlin 47

Wolves at zoo Berlin The short rule for using my stocks: Credit me! Also, the commission rule applies. 2013 August: Wolves in Berlin 47

A lovely fuck-ton of animal paw references (per request).

An appealing fuck-ton of werewolf references (per request). Werewolves are a tad simpler to define than aliens or natural deformities; virtually every werewolf is depicted as (obviously) a half human half wolf. In virtually every instance, the human grows

This is free to use so don't be afraid to post YOUR finished puppy I would love to see him/her and add them to my faves! Drawn and edited on: MS Paint

I DO NOT DRAW LIKE THIS NOW. these are my old wolf anatomy sheets that i made idk HOW long ago and =hejthenerd persuaded me to upload them again any. old anatomy sheet


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How to draw wolves/canines by TheShadowedGrim.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I would have called this a tutorial, only it really isn't all that accurate to real wolf anatomy-- and isn't a complete tutorial. It's just how I tend t. How I draw wolves/canines

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The easiest way to draw an amazing wolf head from many different angles. >>> If you liked this, then check out my Human Head Tutorial: REQUEST TUTORIALS!