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You don't need the internet, the internet needs you! The perfect slouchy white tee. Rep #Bloguettes wherever you go!

April 2016 Blogging Income Report

How I make over $24,000/month running a blog. ***LOVE*** I've read this girls blog from almost the beginning. It was crazy to see her grow it so quickly! I love that she's so honest about exactly what makes her money blogging and the strategy that she followed to get there.

50+ Of The Best, Most Beautiful Sites For Free Stock Photos

Now 20+ (!) of the best free stock photo websites. (No ugly photos.) Regularly updated, bookmark for reference. Blog, Blogging Business #blog

7 (Cheap or Free) Things You Need To Start Creating Videos

7 (Cheap or Free) Things You Need to Start Creating Videos Today - you need to be creating videos for your blog or business to stay ahead of the game and your competition but you don't need expensive equipment to get started. Here's how you can start making videos and vlogs today on a budget, with just a few inexpensive or free things you need to make high-quality videos.

12 Places to Promote Your Blog Posts

12 Places to Promote Your Blog Posts: As a blogger, we're determined to grow our traffic, build a community around our blog, and even make some passive income. However, to get there we need to make sure we're promoting our blog posts anywhere and everywhere we can. Click on the link to find out 12 places you should be promoting your articles.

What's the Best Web Hosting Plan For Your Brand

How To Charge What You're Worth

How To Charge What You're Worth. How to price the value you provide through your products and services and still get your clients to say you're worth it. | By Julie Harris Design

How to Create Incredible Workbooks

Hey everybody! It has been quiet on the blog lately, but I have actually put out more content in the last few weeks than any other time in my online existence. Most of the content I have been creating is for my email list (hint:...