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[gifset] 9x22 Stairway To Heaven #SPN #Dean #Tessa

[gifset] Stairway To Heaven I loved Dean and Tessa's rapport. I wish they would have hooked up at least once.

Supernatural - Season 9

Just change it to sitting on the sofa and watching on a TV and that's pretty much what happened.

This time, Sammy didn't ignore it.  I'm wondering if he wasn't a little relieved that Dean was gone....just a thought.

That upset me a little bit. I think if I was Sam I would have flipped Hell upside down trying to find out how to get Dean back. Also, so many feels from this being basically the first time their love for each other is verbally acknowledged

[gifset] 10x12 About A Boy #SPN #Dean #Sam Sammy believes in you why can't you believe in yourself Dean?

"You can beat this, Dean" // [gifset] About A Boy // Sammy believes in you, why can't you believe in yourself Dean? // Awww Sammy you melt me heart!

Is nobody going to ask how he built that bunker in 48 hours?

Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester - Bobby's Panic Room / Supernatural / Bobby Singer / Dean Winchester / Sam Winchester