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Perfect way to use the back yard, great for kids and fitness :D

A Hidden Sunken Trampoline? This Is Exactly What I Need! Maintain A Big Backyard But Still Have The Trampoline You’ve Always Wanted! A Hidden Sunken Trampoline? This Is Exactly What…

Spalding Gardening Calendar - blog.spaldingbulb.co.uk I just need to change the months to suit the southern hemisphere.

Spalding Gardening Calendar

Spalding Gardening Calendar - Month by Month! Your monthly gardening guide and to-do list is here!

Rain gutters for potted plants. Saves ground space. Brilliant.

14 Projects That Will Inspire You To Get Outside

Hanging Gutter Garden from Apartment Therapy. Hanging Gutter Garden from Apartment Therapy.

5 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables for the Beginner Gardener! Radish, celery, lettuce, beets, sugar snap peas. Good tips, too.

5 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables for the Beginner Gardener

pagewoman: “  Fifi, the calico cat in Monet’s garden. by Elizabeth Murray ”

Monet's Gardens at Giverny Monet's Gardens at Giverny. Pink cosmos and golden sunflowers tower above Fifi, the calico cat who resides in Monet's garden, as she strolls down a gravel path in the mist of dawn // photo by Elizabeth Murray c

I want this to be my back yard. //   Makr Blog | Leather Goods, Wallets, Bags, Accessories | Made in the USA

Plant an edible forest garden. Make your garden more productive by exploring forest gardening. You can learn how to mimic a natural forest, and create a productive fusion of garden, orchard and woodland.

Veggie and flower gardens

Raised vegetable garden beds make vegetable gardening less work. Learn the benefits of raised-bed gardening, how to build a raised garden bed, and raised vegetable garden design tips.

Pond less pond

A pondless waterfall saves space and reduces workload. If you would like a water feature in your yard but would rather skip all the cleaning and algae removal and what not that goes with a pond check out this waterfall how to from Backyard Design Ideas.