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Hahah Zack and I for sure

honorary-ebonic: Just because you’re mad at someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them. Just because you’re mad at someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them. This is so cute

Thanks for spending a part of your day with us! You are the favorite part of our day! ❤ #Free2Luv #WonderfulWednesday

"Any day spent with you is my new favourite day" . Winnie the Pooh quote This is how I feel about time spent with my daughter.always my favourite day when she takes time for me! Love her!

True love never gets old

True love never gets old

Funny pictures about True Love Never Gets Old. Oh, and cool pics about True Love Never Gets Old. Also, True Love Never Gets Old photos.

Grow old with me the best is yet to be

i want to be this happy when i'm old. old people in love are so sweet & precious. i love it.

God I miss you because you did all these things and more, there's no replacing you. your in my heart and soul FOREVER Shawn- I loved you so so so much-still can't believe your gone xl3

I feel like this is how you KEEP a girls heart. If you were to do this to try and GET a girls heart, and she didn't feel the same way about you. And creepy.

Si ce daca ai 93 de ani? Te iubesc!

Love means sharing happy and sad moments, a smile or a tear. Love is the secret ingredient that makes a moment special, a hug warm,a kiss sweet. Love is. I found my love :-*

nice one:) by www.JmhurpZ31

10 ways to Love. words to live by. I think i need to work on myself a little :)

My husband is one of a kind and truly my one and only, my soul mate & best friend! I love you DL always & forever! I am beyond proud to be your wife! ❤️

I Love My Life

Quotes About Love – I Love My Life – Happy Wives Club Quotes About Love Description “I love my life, as your wife.