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I am a realtionship & love couselor. My advice is excellent & free! I am a freelance writer, I've written for cosmo, glamour & seventeen. I have experience in mental & physical disorders. I am a...

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I've been disappointed a whole lot, sadly, but I'll never be afraid to still do from my heart

Although there are some who have no standards...then, think of what God would want FOR you and expect OF you. <3<3

This post are not to be negative. If you are doing good in your relationship than these post will remind you of any bad relationships & to appreciate what you have. Second all my post although might say for girls absolutely can go for guys as well. My goal is reach as many people possible to leave toxic relationships. To know how to avoid them period. It's so easy to fall for the wrong person & once you're bitten by the love bug It is too late many times. If you are unsure if your…

seriously, and some expect to be able to treat others bad and then are offended if you treat them the same way, kinda like when someone tells you what someone horrid said "not Nice" about you, then that same person gets in a HUGE snit if you tell them what someone had said "not Nice" about them, its a HYPERCRITICAL world at times....~RP~

I think it's funny that people who treat you like shit get offended when you finally do the same to them. Life Quote

Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a ----! So true. -#selfcenteredb---- #donothelptheselfish