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JLA: Unite the Seven!

I may not know everyone on this as well as the others (I'm falling short with Aquaman, Cyborg, Superman, and Wonderwoman), but the slogan really made my heart race with thrill

Batman y Superman: La evolución de sus logos y trajes | Cómics

Batman y Superman: La evolución de sus logos y trajes | Cómics

Justice League of America Families

Justice League of America Families

Justice league families< Green lantern is just like "I don't have a son"

Batman and Luthor lead the attack on the Syndicate. Everything seems to be fine until they find Nightwing and the other prisoner of the Syndicate...

I’ve commented before that the rebooted DC Universe seems to be a very dark place. The “Forever Evil” story is certainly backing that viewpoint up. The Crime Syndicate, evil doppelgängers of the Ju.

Dc Cómics

The Gotham Evening Post Norman Rockwell's Iconic Saturday Evening Post Covers

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This is how I see Batman. Bruce Wayne is just a cover up.a mask Batman is truly his identity. Other heroes can't touch him. Batman is THE hero he's my hero and always will be! Batman is always on top, He is BATMAN


Justice League of America Shadow Thief by Tony S Daniel and Matt Banning. Villains Month Guide ~ Part 3

I miss teen titans so much

Raven The Titan OMG! i used to watch her on t. she was my favorite of all the teen titans! Not teen titans go though that one sucks