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Large activation areas! The Rocking Plate allows you to play two 10-second messages. For example, you could record yes/no responses to questions or any other desired messages.

This week's plate of inspiration features the New Love card from the #voyagerdeck, the adventure card from #angelcards and a rocking #truthbomb. Aura Soma bottle #95 needed to be here - it's about communicating our true purpose in the world. Crystals, courtesy of Mother Nature, include rhodochrosite (selfless love and compassion), ruby Aqua Aura (brings in passion and vitality), some blue lace agate (a healing, cooling, calming stone).

Plays message and device! When switch plate is pressed, message is played and external toy or device is activated. Records two messages (10 seconds per message). Device has two switch outputs to activate 2 devices. Two 2" x 2" frames are attached to the switch plate so you can insert your own pictures or messages. Now with space to place your objects.

Now with levels and scanning! Our popular compartment communicator now has 2 scan modes and 12 levels. Linear scanning allows the user to scan objects, photographs or symbols. Choose either automatic or inverse scanning with your external switch. Each compartment has its own switch for direct selection. Device has four 5-second messages on 12 levels.

Keep your recordings when switching frames! We now make our popular single level Communication Builder in 4 levels. This Communication Builder is equipped with 5 easy to change frames, which allows you to refine communication choices as the person develops new skills.