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spring spirit () by Lena Osmolovska

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✯ a single star and a very perfect rose, three clouds and a color i haven't seen in centuries.

Mother Nature, Mothers, Mom

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I love taking pictures outside and i wish i could take one with an amazing sky like that.

Aesthetics, Selfie, Blossoms, Selfies

Morning coffee

Morning coffee

Lucky 4 u that's what I like 😻😻

Lucky 4 u that's what I like 😻😻

Kaile’a Mahelona and Rou Huang: Lipstick Lesbians

Dirty talk: la forma de enloquecer a un hombre a través del lenguaje

(Open rp, be the girl on top. I'm an angel and she's a demon) I looked at her, a cigarette clutched gently in her hand. "You see" she whispered "there's two types of people in this world. Those that do bad things, and those who have bad

pinterest// @bethanymartone

pinterest// @bethanymartone

I'm at carters house.I forced him to watch 90210 as u can see on my computer.*giggles* -maggs

(Olivia's new fc) I could try flying, if you would take a long walk on a short peer *laughs* I'm kidding, don't do that ~Olivia