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Pear - I would have trouble cooking this - but the color is gorgeous and I love it!

Chinese fruit growers are using molds to make pears shaped like babies. Or buddha if you prefer. Either way, stupidly cute but potentially harder to bite the head off? From an emotional perspective I mean.

Autumn is here and that means it's apple season! This is the best time to buy sweet and crunchy local apples.

Top 20 Apple Recipes This Fall - cheese cake, apple pie filling, apple fritters, breads, muffins

Birambi is called cermai in Indonesia

I liked dipping this in vinegar when sour Grosella [Phyllanthus acidus] - Fruit

Cocoa Tree (Theobroma Cacao L.) Tropical Fruit Tree (1 Gallon) ~ #plant #plants

Chocolate comes from the equatorial cacao tree’s unassuming cocoa beans. Learn the steps from tree to table as cocoa beans become sumptuous chocolate.

Redworms in Aquaponics

The biggest questions that arise after people learn that redworms can be utilized and integrated with ZipGrow vertical farming towers are: "How do they work?