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...release yourself from the frozen shackles that bind you to the Immobility of Self

"Wow, we missed a frozen iron // metal shackle in the list of our favorite photos. Love the gradient in the background: the colors really sparkle in contrast to the hurting frozen chain covered with ice crystals.

Animal Eyes Close Up | Animal Eyes, Up Close and Personal (Slideshow) : TreeHugger

Animal Eyes, Up Close and Personal (Slideshow)

From the Hyperion Theater to the heights of Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Disney California Adventure® Park’s tribute to the wonders of California has a lot to explore... including meeting some of your favorite Characters up close and personal! Our guide can show you who you can meet and where you can meet them! Don’t forget to check the Disneyland Mobile App before you head out, in case of possible changes!

Disney California Adventure® Park Character Experience Guide