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Crossflixs Online Fitness - http://www.vnulab.be/risk/crossflixs-online-fitness

Crossflixs Online Fitness - http://www.vnulab.be/risk/crossflixs-online-fitness

Working out isn't the most joyous thing in life but you can make it be! Try out this "Spell your name work out" to make working out a little more fun.

Spell Your Name for a good warm up or get creative and come up with words to spell and do those workouts! Thank goodness my name is only 5 letters long! But I got double jumping jacks, double the squats and burpees - BOOOO!

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If the “dummy proof eating strategy” could be the answer for weight loss after 40, 50 and 60. Would you try it?

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss That Take Less Than 15 Minutes To Make

20 Extremely Useful Food Charts That Will Help You Eat Healthier

Whether cooking for one or cooking for a crowd, these insanely simple dinners remove stress from the process. Lets get started!

If you're interested in the power of positive thinking and how this can transform your life, and you want a simple action to get yourself started - in the infographic below is a quick little meditation exercise you can use. https://www.pinchmeliving.com/positive-thinking/

Positive Thinking - A Meditation Exercise to Train Your Mind

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Use this one simple trick to build muscle quick cool Upgrade Your Body  Attack 2016 With The 4-Day Muscle Massacre Workout Program

The Key to Muscle Mass

Use this one simple trick to build muscle quick cool Upgrade Your Body Attack 2016 With The Muscle Massacre Workout Program

Mindfulness is not a magic trick that all of a sudden eliminates stress and gives you the life of your dreams. But people who have integrated a mindfulness practice into their lives, repeatedly use the phrase “life-changing” to describe it. Whether it’s here in this Infographic or somewhere in the future, we hope the

How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

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