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To be thankful for all your talents given!!

Stunning Travel and Adventure Instagrams by Sebi Scheichl #inspiration #photography

Robert Downey Jr. Young. I stayed his fan all through his ups and down. He was so damn beautiful and talented and messed up. I prayed many times for him and worried he wouldnt make it. So when i see him now I rejoice a little in his victory. I am so glad he made it and seems happy. He is more handsome now at 48 that at 20, but he has always been beautiful.

"Il n'a pas d'importance combien de chute pour les nouveaux héros se lèvera toujours pour continuer, apportant toutes les ressources, leurs compétences, leurs talents pour vaincre l'ennemi." - Wally "Kid Flash" West

This. This is why I love them. Not because of their looks of the fact that they're young and talented. But because they are aware of real life issues and they wanna help.