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One Direction on stage at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Justin Bieber Tour

Photos of the Grammy Award winning, singer/songwriter Justin Bieber performing

So, Harry and Louis are doing this thing since last year. It’s called “oops, hi, we should not touch, hahahaha”. They are hilarious, they are all giddy afterwards and smiling like loons. Here are some gifs from TMH tour, they are bumping into each other and Louis is even mimicking it later:

I miss Louis' and Harry's close friendship so much. I fucking hate the person who came between them. Fuck you and fuck modest.


Im so excited for Witness the tour. My first time seeing her live and I'm emotional.

Justin Bieber  Follow Aleena Belieber for more...

Justin Bieber Follow Aleena Belieber for more...