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donkey ears by Sharon Montrose of Animal Print Shop Elephants crochet hats, dachshunds, sweet .this makes me smile :) Bla.


Doxie, Prada bag + Alexander McQueen scarf = i'll take it all please! Holly would do this to onyx if she could find a bag big enough for him,cheap prada handbags china ,cheap wholesale designer handbags china,cheap wholesale designer bags hub.

Picasso and Lump. My heart melted when I read the story of this lovable tailwagger and his friend Picasso

This will be my doxie tattoo! Picasso and his adored dachshund, Lump. Picasso loved animals & his work is rich with depictions. There is even a book devoted to him & his best friend - Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund’s Odyssey.

A mother's love

Loving Doberman with it's baby.> I saw a Doberman today. I was told it was not a Doberman, but a Rottweiler. It was a Doberman.


It's a Hallo-weenie! My skeety did this to my pumpkins!

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All Chillin In The Pool this animal is funny , another funny animal picture. From the site of the animal pics check back for more funny animals

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You are coming back right?  I get this look from my Tucker all the time..I wish we could explain to them better.

You are coming back right?~~~~ I love dachshunds.our little Oscar is 12 years old and this reminds me of him.he is our baby! - My Dixie is the same way.

A beautiful black and tan miniature dachshund puppy.

Makes me miss my Booger as a puppy:( Dachshund/ weenie dog. I love these sweet dogs!