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Twilight ~ Edward and Bella

21 Twilight Comics - I laughed so hard. Seriously, read this. Everyone should.

21 Twilight Comics - I laughed so hard. Seriously, read this. And if I was gonna go for a vamp it woulda been that brother.


Twilight ~ Edward and Bella

In Edwards mind, first sight.

twilight deleted scene… I've been looking for this. So as I heard, Alice had a vision of Edward killing Bella.

Twilight - Biss zum Morgengrauen

Twilight ~ Edward and Bella

Twilight ~ Edward, Bella, Alice and Jasper

if twilight was written by an average mom....because anything would be an improvement at this point.

If a house mom wrote twilight!

Love this scene in Twilight

It didn't happen like that in the book!

#BookQuotes - #MidnightSun #5 by #StephenieMeyer

I looooove Midnight Sun! It's my favorite Twilight book (other than Breaking Dawn)

My favorite scene.....

When bella and Edward start goin out

Edward is soo perfect

Breaking Dawn part 2 ~ Edward, Eleazar and Carmen

The best series with the sweetest stories!

Twilight the amazing Cullen family

I have a visceral reaction to this everytime I see it, and I have literally lost count, but my stomach hurts and I cry EVERY time..when I read this book I walked around for days like he had left me...I know that is sad, but true. No book has ever affected me like this series did.  I fell in love with Edward right along with Bella...

Possibility by Lykke Li - Twilight New Moon

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Deleted Scene - Jacob throws bowl at Rosalie - Breaking Dawn: Part Rosalie does put his food in a dog bowl in the book lol.


The Twilight Saga: Twilight. My favourite scene😍