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GOLDEN DREAM Cover art for the novel of the same name by Ardath Mayhar which continues the saga of the shipwrecked aliens the Fuzzy Sapiens. They're still adorable, but Michael also shows us their intelligence and yearning.

~A fractal is a mathematical set that has a fractal dimension that usually exceeds its topological dimension and may fall between the integers.

Saffron Swirl by on deviantart only my love for you sparked me to see the color fractals of deeply loving sensuality flow through my awareness. make connecting points clear for me. i anguish over ur situ every minute of every day.

"A banquet was laid out for us when we arrived, and Vaerya stood beside the table, gesturing welcome in that peculiar fashion of the dragon lords.  "'And the stars have sung correctly, it seems. Have you, Ren of the Moonlit Crown, come to save the world? Or simply to rule it, like so many others before you.'"

Hall by ~SnowSkadi Digital Art / Drawings / Landscapes & Scenery--A very small part of what I think Onceupo's Throne Room would look like.

Loïc Muzy

bestiaire Call of Cthulhu edition - Éditions Sans-détour - Chaosium Inc - 2014

sciencefictiongallery:Michael Whelan - Dying for Tomorrow, 1978.

theartofmichaelwhelan: ALEX by Michael Whelan cover for Dying for Tomorrow by Michael Moorcock

Fantasy art legend Michael Whelan's vision of Deathwing

theartofmichaelwhelan: “DEATHWING by Michael Whelan. The painting was commissioned by Blizzard Entertainment for their corporate office.

70s Sci-Fi Art

theartofmichaelwhelan: “ PERIWINKLE by Michael Whelan, cover for The Changeling Sea by Patricia McKillip ”

michael whelan - descent, the martian chronicles, 1990

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury - 21 Books That Changed Science Fiction And Fantasy Forever

Paysages de SF

STAPLIGHT: (the moving city) when entered, protects characters from zombie attacks, gives character health (Beauty Scenery Art)

THE END OF NATURE II (1998)  Acrylic on Canvas - 30" X 48"  My obvious con...

class=description_title>THE END OF NATURE II class=description_media>Acrylic on Canvas - X My obvious concern for future generations is highlighted by the mother and child.