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just watched the movie Rurouni Kenshin today :) thumbs up!

Japanese actor: 佐藤 健 (Takeru Satoh)

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Rurouni Kenshin - Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura #Kenshin #RurouniKenshin

- Takeru Sato as Himura Kenshin, second live-action movie

everlasting Kenshin Kaoru

everlasting Kenshin Kaoru

埋め込み画像# o my... O my.... O my....

埋め込み画像# o my.

#Sato_Takeru #Actor #Takeru_Sato

Picture of Takeru Sato

stage greet on 05/14/16     [Trailer, long ver (MV), song: Hizumi by HARUHI] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPa0DLEy5cY  [Other trailers, Official site] http://www.sekaneko.com/    Takeru Satoh x Aoi Miyazaki, J LA movie "Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara (If A Cat Disappears From The World)". Release:May/14/16   [Plot] http://asianwiki.com/If_Cats_Disappeared_From_the_World

stage greet on [Trailer, long ver (MV), song: Hizumi by HARUHI]…

るろうに剣心の画像 p7_39

Takeru Satoh as Himura Kenshin in the live-action films - a perfect casting choice!

Takeru Sato

BTS pics of Takeru san from his upcoming movie, “Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara” (If a cat disappears from the world) from Taketere vol.