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#SYRIA NEWS: 09.04.14 Opposition forces advance in SW Aleppo over the last 2 days while the UN was able to deliver the 1st relief supplies to the eastern suburbs for 10 months. As Rankous falls the Opposition may have to accept losing in Qalamoun but up campaigns in north and south. Assad,preparing for "re-election", while UN Human Rights chief lays abuse blame squarely at his door. For More Syria-News Go To .... PIC: "Free Elections in Syria"
image: A Free Syrian Army fighter offers evening prayers beside a damaged poster of Syria’s President Bashar Assad during heavy clashes with government forces in Aleppo, Dec. 8, 2012.
#SYRIA nd IRAQ NEWS: #Kobane Update 45 - Kurds Recapture Market & Islamic School - 23.01.15 Once again the Kurds have gained ground retaking the market, the Islamic School and surrounding streets. FSA help in SW. Islamic State (IS) defections reported in Raqqah while IS also under pressure in N Iraq. Druze grow restless with Assad in Sweida. *For More #Iraq and #Syria News...*
SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: #Kobane #Cizire Update 120 - Whole of Kobane Canton Now Back Under Kurdish Administration as Islamic State Mopping-Up Operations Continue. Turkey using "They are all Terrorists" slogan to attack mainly the PKK as well as the Islamic State.  *For More #Iraq and #Syria News ... PIC: YPG Fighter With Children of liberated Sarrin:
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Russia warned not to attack Syria; we compromised.  We warm that Russia not attack the Ukraine; they do it anyway; with less justification.  I'm saddened for the people of both Syria and Ukraine.
2. Currently, the government in Nepal is a federal democratic republic. The chief of state is President Ram Baran.
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Illusion of democracy
I love history, it helps bring life into prospective and make every day things more meaningful.
POOR FAMILY ARRIVE in Liverpool in 1840s from where they plan to emmigrate to America as shown in a contemporary - Stock Image
The EU is thoroughly embedded with Technocracy in that it is completely run by unelected and unaccountable technocrats. Member states are getting fed up with the arrangement and view the EU as on its last legs. The outcome will be interesting to watch, because if the EU falls apart, it will be a major blow to Technocrats everywhere that their crackpot schemes are not acceptable.
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