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There are some children who are still learning how to use their voice and others that can't find the words to speak. How can we unlock what they have to say?

The Connected Child, co-authored by Dr. Karyn Purvis, has helped countless adoptive and foster parents better connect with their children as...#attachment

this is the "attachment" that the Buddhists speak of. Quit making myself miserable, investing my time and attention and heart and somehow depending upon the result. There's always do-overs, nothing is forever, enjoy the ride. Do with all you can give, then let go - don't obses, invest, or define yourself by the results. They aren't YOU.

Hello everyone, welcome to my daily design challenge! Day 012 - Nearby Venues. Real pixels in attachment. If you want to show me some love press L! Constructive feedback appreciated. And also d...

Look inside yourself first. The way you perceive interactions with others and the decisions you make as a result are your #responsibility, positive or negative, Creator does not judge; the only ones making them are us. When we approach our relationships without expectation and/or attachment, removed from the influence of the false perceptions of #Ego, we are free to experience Truth. ~G. Nibiru

Object Relations Theory: the idea that the ego-self exists only in relation to other objects, which may be external or internal. The internal objects are internalized versions of external objects, primarily formed from early interactions with the parents. There are three fundamental "affects" that can exist between the self and the other - attachment, frustration, and rejection. These affects are universal emotional states that are major building blocks of the personality.

Record Label Website - Homepage by Jaromir Kveton // Hi Friends, look what I just found on #web #design! Make sure to follow us @moirestudiosjkt to see more pins like this | Moire Studios is a thriving website and graphic design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia.