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Jeans & Shoes Guide - Perfectly Paired Up. If only I had more than 1 pair of jeans.and shoes

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I like warm and soft How different colours relate to each other. Basic knowledge for building a wardrobe that lasts!

Modest doesn't mean frumpy. For more Fashion Tips (and a free eBook): http://eepurl.com/4jcGX Do your clothing choices, manners, and poise portray the image you want to send? "Dress how you wish to be dealt with!" (E. Jean) http://www.colleenhammond.com/

20 Style Tips On How To Wear Blanket Scarves

Jeans are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe for a reason: they’re easy to wear, they can be dressed up or down, and they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. But while they are many, many great things about a good pair of jeans, there are also many annoying things about them. … Read More

16 Denim Jean Hacks That Every Girl Needs To Know

Cheat Sheet: How to wear Jeans & Shoes. I very much need cheat sheets for all my style choices, thank you very much.

There are actually a few styles of clothes and shoes that look awful on you. If you're wondering what these petite styling don'ts are, here are the 10 things to avoid as a petite woman. I agree just keeping those flare dresses 👗

15 ITEMS: 1.CAbi Bossy Blazer 2.CAbi Jewel Shirt Dress 3.CAbi Knife Pleat Tank 4.CAbi Tweet Top 5.CAbi la Carte Jacket 6.CAbi Eliza Blouse 7.CAbi Society Sweater 8.CAbi Creamsicle Cropped Bree Jean 9.CAbi Pearl Slip 10.CAbi Piqu pant 11.CAbi Collete Top 12.CAbi Fall In Tee 13.CAbi Ruby Jean 14.CAbi Avery Tunic 15.CAbi Bossy skirt/

Business travel - mix & match wardrobe pieces to travel light This idea would give me soooo much life. I truly love it!

Amazing guide for shoes and what to pair them with!

The new professional shoe grid: what style of shoe to wear with what pants/skirt/tights

20 Fall fashion ideas. It's still hot most everywhere except central coast Cali. We need to think about those cute jackets and scarves.

20 Fall Outfits for Inspiration

20 Fall Outfits for Inspiration. Even if we don't have fall in my country, these are still good fashion ideas :)

four outfit formulas that never fail

The Four Outfit Formulas I Swear By

I'm a huge fan of the "outfit formula" - an easy way to make sure you always have something to wear that makes you look good and feel comfortable. Here are four of my favourite outfit formulas, suitable for classic / retro dressers