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American victorian chair,For all your upholstery needs and upholstery classes

EXACTLY WHAT'S MISSING from my current set up-color and all. Love this as alternative to tufted and Victorian gentlemen's chairs I've been looking for...

victorian copper velvet armchair - I think I have seen over 100 of these go through dad's shop over the years. My favorite style of all time.

Victorian Vanities With Royal Style

This shabby chic room is so serene due to all of the light, which is reflected off the white furniture. For a truly peaceful bedroom, choose an all white colour scheme. BR x

I love this pinterest board and all her lovely printable pins..

An ingenious Victorian Metamorphic Combination Table, Desk and Chair (shown open and closed above) was made of oak around the 1850s, after a design by Stephen Hedges. Other similar examples are housed in museums in New York and New Orleans.