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Bland Marvel Headcanons-#itsallconnected

Bland Marvel Headcanons Especially funny since Andrew Garfield actually went to a con dressed as Spidey - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Bland Marvel Headcanons [New]

Bucky and Clint have a, “We were brainwashed by the evil guys to be evil”, club. All they do is sit around watching crappy action movies, and prank Natasha.

Oh Bruce, this is why you're not a monster!!

Bland Marvel Headcanons, now that I think about it why has deadpool barely talked to Natasha in the comics, I feel like they would have a lot in common. Dark pasts and all - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Natasha once got Spider-Man to try ballet. He turned out to be really good at it

Tony would definitely pay for all this. Perhaps get Super bowl spot for it. Then single handedly increase the sales for Old Spice, most of the purchases from women>>>>>YES

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Bland Marvel Headcanons - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Bland Marvel Headcanons

<Bland Marvel Headcanons> Pepper came up with the idea. With everything changing an inconsistent in their lives, any of their friends can come by on any given Tuesday, and they will, without fail, be able to eat Pepper's famous lasagna.

Tony has Jarvis programmed to play certain songs when the others come into the room.  Steve still blushes when “Let’s Get It On” starts.  When “They’re Taking The Hobbits to Isengard” plays, Clint is not amused.

Once the Avengers settle down into a routine, Tony Stark is actually the most responsible. Natasha’s always winding the guys up, Steve’s a giant troll, Thor causes all sorts of electric shocks and.

"Loki is scared of toasters." Hmmm. That might explain a few things. I know that there was a toaster the Boss considered a personal enemy but I never heard that He's afraid of all of them. I also know it's difficult to get pop tarts in Helheim because They do not want toasters to catch on in the traditional Norse communities. The residents there tend to get mesmerized by them, toasting slice after slice, muffin after muffin, just to watch stuff pop up. And IT NEVER GETS OLD....

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*Loki glares at the toaster* "I am a god you foul creature and I will not be bullied by-" *toaster goes off* *girly screams* AHHH!