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~ 07/02/2014

~ 07/02/2014

We all know that Red Apple Lipstick is standing at the front of the line leading the way against a chemical that has links to creating and growing breast cancer in younger and younger women. This “Shocking” Graphic was released two days ago in a quiet pinterest release, and it has taken the nation by …

Releases "Shocking" Graphic Involving Breasts

Check your personal products (shampoo, lotions, etc.) for parabens (any word that ends with "parabens") & remember our skin is our largest organ - Red Apple Lipstick Releases Shocking Graphic Involving Breasts

Finally! Some good use for the disproportionate breast! Self exams are important. It helps you to be familiar with your body when everything is ok, so when it is not, you can tell when something is wrong.

Nobody's immune to breast cancer

Nobody is immune to breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month. Best breast cancer awareness ad ever.

Octobre Rose, le moment de rappeler à nos douces que la prévention vaut de l'or. #breast #cancer - par Margaux Motin : Chaine rose couleur

La vie en rose

Margaux Motin's contribution to the annual "Chaine rose couleur"

DIY Breast Care essential oil blend, developed by a Naturopath to help manage her own breast cancer

DIY Breast Care essential oil blend, developed by a Naturopath to help manage her own breast cancer. Here’s the recipe for of the blend: Bay Laurel Frankincense (we recommend the blend of Frankincense Lemongrass Rose Otto Organic Jasmine Extract -

http://www.boredpanda.com/breast-cancer-survivors-mastectomy-tattoos/ breast-cancer-survivors-mastectomy-tattoos-art-1

Tattoo Artists Cover Breast Cancer Survivors’ Scars With Beautiful Tattoos

Update to the mastectomy scar cover-up by David Allen Tattoo, Chicago: "I just want women who have gone through breast cancer to realize the options they.

Please share this with anyone you know undergoing chemotherapy now or in the future, it could mean the difference between life and death

Surviving Chemotherapy: A must read for chemo patients

Surviving Chemotherapy - Insights about gut health, cancer, and how your diet and lifestyle can help you survive cancer