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SIMILAR CASE: January 1, 2007: An NSA whistleblower is harassed by the government despite no evidence against him.

CNN Responds To Trump's "Fake News" Attack Just minutes after Trump slammed CNN's reporter Jim Acosta calling CNN "fake news" shortly after slamming Buzzfeed as a "failing pile of garbage" CNN issued a statement in response to Trump's attack which effectively boils down to "we are not Buzzfeed " yet even though CNN said it did not publish the memo "because we have not corroborated the report's allegations" it still used it to create a front-page uncorroborated "report." Full CNN statement"…

Why John Roberts (Likely) Is Protecting Obamacare…

Why John Roberts (Likely) Is Protecting Obamacare…There is very good reason to believe that regardless of the media’s skillful smothering of the story, John Roberts is being blackmailed to make certain Obamacare never falls in a Supreme Court case.

Similar Cases | Clinton Email Investigation Timeline SIMILAR CASE: January 17, 2001: George W. Bush stops using email due to public records laws.

8/25/14 Chicago police jailed two innocent men for 17 months with no evidence. | Two men were held in jail for nearly a year and a half with no evidence against them, prompting a judge to criticize the “pathetic” police investigation. The case revolves around the wrongful arrest of two men following a shooting that took place around 2:00 p.m. on January 11, 2013, on the 8500 block of South Hoyne in Chicago.

SIMILAR CASE: January 19–20, 2001: John Deutch pleads guilty to mishandling government secrets, then Bill Clinton pardons him.

Cops Beat a Deaf Man for Seven Minutes Because He didn’t Respond to Their Yelling | The Free Thought Project

Kerry on Obama Attacking Syria: 'He Has Right to Do That No Matter What Congress Does' - Minutemen News kerry needs to rethink that!

"White People" MTV Documentary, Gets It Right About Being White ~ when it comes to talking about race, every word is potentially explosive. By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, TIME 25 July 15 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images)