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"Good Conservatives always pay their bills. Unlike Socialists, aka Liberals, who just run up other people's bills." Margaret Thatcher Quote

This photo is powerful because it shows of some of the rich is selfish not to give those people who are in need of they have. Some have more than what they need but still are not willing to realize there are people who are begging at least a little bit of what they have. Such a powerful picture

Vaccination is also required. Parents who do not comply can have children removed from their custody - absolute fact, Jack! << from previous pinner. Must find out though.

Satan is after your kids- Protect them. 1 Peter 5 & Joel 1:3

Hosea ~ (still today! both historically and biblically, people, if we don't learn and know the past, we are destined to repeat it! Being too busy to get into your bible will be no excuse when you stand before Christ our Lord to give your account! )