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so true but when we figure it out,now were a threat and labled bad.nor am isaying i am involved in any activity, just saying the system is all messed up.

Robert F. Kennedy didn't accept his Attorney General pay either...he also donated it all to charity. These two *liberal* men actually lived their convictions.

Residents in a hilly neighborhood near Birmingham's airport worried about the possibility of a plane crashing into their homes for years before a UPS cargo jet nearly did just that.

Ever heard of the Pearl River, MS Shooting? Probably Not. This 16 year old kid was stopped by Assistant Principal Joel Myrick and his Colt 1911 pistol, retrieved from his car. Did the Gun Free Zone law stop this nut? Nope. Did an armed citizen with a

This is not just a conspiracy theory. A lady discovered an HERBAL cure for cancer and she healed over 85 patients with cancer, but before she even got started..the government came in and shut her down. Nobody wants to stop all the income. Our nation is greedy and despicable. It's disgusting.

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