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Friends For Life Houston is the Only LEED Certified No Kill Animal Shelter in Texas | Built into an existing building, this LEED-certified No Kill shelter takes animals into consideration first with specially designed rooms that help reduce stress. Natural daylighting, animal- and people-safe cleaning systems, energy-efficient design, fresh air and special noise-reducing acoustics are all part of the plan for this life-preserving shelter.

This is great! Green Shelter Design: Friends For Life in Houston Opens LEED Certified No Kill Animal Shelter

So you dream about homesteading but not sure which animals are best to start with? Heather shares what the top animals for the homestead are and why.

<3<3Pair of Bald Eagles .......They are the national emblem of the United States, and when it comes to maintaining relationships, bald eagles soar much higher than the country they symbolize. Bald Eagles typically mate for life -( except in the event of their partner's death or impotency} — a number far lower than America's divorce rate, which now exceeds 50 percent.

If you can't commit to an animal for life, don't get one. Most animals that end up at shelters are ones that their owners just didn't want anymore.

Humans aren't the only creatures that mate for life. Certain animals form bonds that last lifetimes, raising families and protecting their territory together. Some animals pairs are even better at mon

When people tell you that you should be more social: | Community Post: 12 "Supernatural" GIFs For Life's Most Random Situations

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