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Alice In Wonderland - Dog & Cat-erpillar & Rocking Horse Fly

Mermaid Seahorse Vintage. This image was the inspiration for my mermaid seahorse tattoo:)

My backpiece - Cave paintings taken from Chauvet, Lascaux, and Peche Merle caves. Done by Drew Winter at Electric Tiger Tattoo in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Finished up Frank's Victoria backpiece over the weekend. I love doing custom pieces like this.thank you @shadia_elise for modeling! I will get completely healed shots next time he's in town. Can't wait to start the rib piece.Done and healed using @inkeeze tattoo products. @darktimesmachines @tacsciences @stencilanchored #victoria #nike #horses #carlostorresart #carlostorres #inkeeze

3 horses frame tattoo