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Anyone from India knows that being vegetarian is not a new concept. But it seems eating vegan (vegans are vegetarians who refrain from consuming eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived foods) has also been around in India for thousands of years. The Brokpa tribe of Ladakh, for example, has thr

Even if they didnt, pain-free doesnt make it any less cruel. It's about respecting the right to live for all beings

"I am vegan for one simple reason and that is the cruelty and violence that is inflicted upon animals at the hands of human being. I don't want to be a part of it and I certainly don't want to fund it, in any shape or form. Veganism is about rejecting violence towards animals and protecting the innocent. It's the way we need to evolve. It's the future." ~James Gorman, Chairman and Chief Executive of Morgan Stanley.

Leather = Luxury?? For those of us that care about our planet, that care about the animals that share our space, we simply cannot fathom contributing to an industry responsible for so much negativity. But, we are also learning that people simply do not know the truth. So many want to make better choices but the "truth" is hidden. But, there is hope. Have compassion and help share what you know. Together, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

BEST SPEECH EVER! Former CEO Citibank Phillip Wollen owns the stage. Share Share Share on pinterest, email, facebook, twitter

Have you ever been asked by a non-vegan why you don't eat cheese? But before you can answer there is the comment/question of "dairy cows don't die for cheese do they?" Answer, "Yes they do. Did you think they send them to a sanctuary when they are done raping and exploiting them?

A baby chased and thrown to the ground and tied up - all for the entertainment of assholes. And this big dumbass probably feels so good that he did this to this baby.

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