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I think anyone who sells hearing aids should carry Ear Gear, so people can get them when they get their hearing aids. They protect the aids from hair products, and body oils, and they feel good next to your skin. Thanks for making them! Client - Corky Lyons, MI, USA/Hearing Professional - Amanda Luce, Zounds, Ann Arbor, MI, USA - See more at:

Love it! I cant believe how well Ear Gear works. Ear Gear is very comfortable, discrete and keeps my hearing aid extremely clean and dry. This simple product Stops all annoying whistling when it is damp outside. It makes my life easier. I would highly recommend anybody with a hearing aid to use this product. - See more at:

Definitely love your guys product. Wish I had gotten Ear Gear a long time ago. Not only do they allow me peace of mind while sweating or doing something dirty like landscaping or construction, but they block wind noise as well. Was really surprised that even with the strongest hearing aid they make that I'm having no feedback as well. Great product! - See more at:

My name is Neil Martin and I've just received Ear Gear. I've got to say Ear Gear has made my experience with my hearing aids a lot better as it's made them unique and more comfortable which I thank you for. Neil Martin, England, UK - See more at:

Even with new water resistant hearing aids I found sweat to be a big problem in shorting out my hearing. With these handy sleeves I can garden and work around the house and still hear the phone ring or my wife call me. Perspiration is no longer a problem. I chose the black color Ear Gear as it matches my hearing aid color. I am very pleased with this product. Patrick Pinter, WI, USA

My name is Clay Alexander and I have worn hearing aids for a few years now. I have a job that can be very hot and dirty which is very hard on my aids. When I was fitted with my latest set I told my specialist about the sweat and dirt and how I was hoping this new set could hold up as good or better than my old ones,he recommended Ear Gear which did help substantially. - See more at:

What I like about wearing Ear Gear over my hearing aid, is that when I put my sunglasses on, I don’t hear the clashing sound of plastic on metal. Also, if I forget to take the aids out before I shower, it protects them until I can take them out. - See more at:

Just a quick note to let you know that the Ear Gear allows me to go on runs and hikes without having to worry about the Colorado unpredictable weather ruining my hearing aids. Ever since I got Ear Gear I am able to wear the hearing aids and enjoy the outdoors more. For installing the Ear Gear I prefer the reverse loading method. It is much easier and quicker. This is a great product! - See more at:

I have always had trouble with wind noise and moisture with my hearing aids. I can now wear them even if I sweat a little bit and no volume changes. The wind noise that I had before is totally gone. My quality improved because I can now wear my hearing aids rather than being disappointed with them and leaving them in the box. Ear Gear is comfortable and easy to install. I will be a user forever!!!!! Client - Larry Coleman, MI, USA

I have been wearing my hearing aids for about 12 months and find my Ear Gear Mini Cordless offered by my hearing professional absolutely ideal for protecting my behind the ear hearing aids from loss and damage when working under bushes and trees in the garden. If only I had been wearing the Ear Gear two weeks ago when I was in a crowd of 3000 people taking part a charity walk. I took off my cap and in the crush and noise did not notice that my right hearing aid dislodged, to be lost forever.