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Buy Local .. support your local businesses as often as you can.  Help keep their doors open.

August is National Farmers' Market Month! Support your local farmers and the local economy and visit a farmers' market this weekend!

Buy local, eat local, and invest locally. Keep your money in your community and help your neighbors.

Itty Bitty Impact recognizes how important shopping local is to all communities.

#BuyLocal #ShopLocal  visit http://www.independentwestand.org/support-independent-business/search/ to find local businesses in your area

"Don't let this [emptiness] happen in your hometown." BUY LOCAL to help keep worthwhile "mom & pop" or such businesses around!

shop local this holiday season and give back to your community!

Simple but important reasons for buying local Economic development social media consulting Decklan group

Local www.CnyWeddingWorldExpo.com

Don't forget to shop local this holiday season! Your neighbors want to sell to YOU! Plus don't forget to shop at your local museum gift shop!

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Get these Shift Your Shopping buttons visit: http://www.amiba.net/buy_local_materials Spread the pro-local message this holiday season!

We know it's not the holiday season, but you can Shift Your Shopping every day of the week and support your independent businesses! Check out this site to find local independent business alliances near you.