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There so many montages of Loki like this all over the web! I love other people's creativity!


Loki -In My Darkest Hour by ~duyeqing on deviantART

I hope we never hear Loki say that he deserved all the abuse done to him although, he did deserve consequences for murdering folks as anyone would even though he was under Thanos’ influence. Loki does NOT deserve abuse. It would be like an abused woman who gets battered by her abusive husband that confesses, "It's my fault..I MADE him beat me..I deserved it!" It's always the furthest from the truth, but here's the kicker...it comes from a place of trauma and self-hate. Loki’s there.

Loki - God of mischief and fabulous hair<<<<<<and just plain beauty

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We know Loki, we know, your just one sexy motherfucker

Loki portrait [colored] by eeurekaep

Loki portrait [colored] by eeurekaep


Loki takes what he wants by =Claparo-Sans on deviantART "Little mortal thing"😂😂😂

As soon as he realised Thor had grown a brain

It's widely believed that Loki hates his brother. All this "no matter how much he said he hates Thor. But the fact . No hate, only love

Your birthright was to die! As a child, cast out onto a frozen rock.

LOKI added a new photo.

Tom Hiddleston being universal

I was a little creeped- until I realized that the last on is Mister Hiddelstone twice. That cancelled out all the creepy. (smosh interview with Tom Hiddleston)

Loki art

Loki smittentomkitten laterovaries lokifuckyeah sherekahnsgirl hiddleshoneybunny insanely-smart d-m-jonas tarrysmith incredifishface lokiwholockfactory angreav.

I hate him......#liferuiner #loki #lokiday #fangirlfriday

Loki<<<that's not how you're supposed to flip your hair, Loks

This is the best freakin cartoon picture of Loki I've ever seen! I prefer Captain America but Loki has his moments


Thor and Loki Yaoi

DogThor CatLoki...bird of prey by LittleDarkDragon on DeviantArt

Haha I seen a pin of teenage Avengers but this is Awesome!

bifrostedflake: Reaching Out ( x )  | minx honey

Aww, my baby


The amount of symbolism packed into this relatively simple collage is astounding. So is Loki's character development.