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There so many montages of Loki like this all over the web! I love other people's creativity!

“ Whenever Loki gets particularly upset or in need of comfort he will turn into a cat and seek affection form people. The only person has figured out that it’s him is Thor. He will take him to his favourite spot and pet him for hours but never...

Loki takes great care in using his words because he suffers from a speech impediment. He has spent a lot of time practicing his speech so that people won’t notice, but sometimes when he’s really upset he can’t quite keep the stammer from his voice.

What if Loki had said "Yes, please, thanks!" Well, he and Tony would have gotten sloppy drunk trying to outdrink each other, that's what.

I found this picture in a social network not very known but I think that is lovely and that the person who draw this picture is a fucking awesome artist ! :3

Loki Loki LOKI!!! Honestly, CAN NOT have too many pictures of Loki, even if some of the same ones are repeatedly pinned two or three times. YEAH!! Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki.....<3 <3 <3 <3