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If you are considering suffocating your unborn child with mifepristone by dislodging their lifeline from your uterine wall, please watch this video first. Abortion kills an innocent living human being.

Emergency Contraception Revisited

Emergency Contraception Revisited Several questions in the comment box and further research has prompted me to revisit my post, Emergency Contraception: Science and Morals. Although my conclusions remain unwaveringly against EC (emergency contraception), a slightly more in-depth explanation seems necessary. In an effort to remain concise, yet still delve a little deeper, I’m going to address the issues…

Jill Stanek writes, "Obama can’t comment against Gosnell, because Obama stands with him" linked here www.prolifeamerica.com (Image H/T Jill Stanek Blog)

Opposed companion bill to Born Alive as state senator that sought to protect abortion survivors from the Gosnells of the world

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Ana Benderas of Live Action addresses those who are personally against abortion but believe that others should be able to take the life on unborn children.

On the of January, the biggest ever Irish pro-life rally took place in Merrion Square, Dublin - over people tell Enda Kenny and Fine Gael t.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Blasts Abortion Culture: 'What in the World Happened to Us?

I am amazed at the groups who claim to care about cancer patients who support Planned Parenthood with their cancer causing services.

Best KIA ad ever! Pro Life all the way! Ad shows an Ultrasound with 5 babies.  Caption reads: "Designed for growing FAMILIES!"

Best KIA ad ever! Pro Life all the way! Ad shows an Ultrasound with 5 babies. Caption reads: Designed for growing FAMILIES! My next car will be a KIA.

So cute

all life is sacred, we all begin in the womb of our mothers

If I could vote...

But you'll vote for a man who would take healthcare from millions and happily send your children to war