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Zebra Danio - The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Zebra Danio Fish Known to jump and need a school of at least 5-6 fish. Great community fish with minimum tank size at 10g. Very hardy. Tolerates temps 65 - 77 degree water. Will grow to 2.5"

Zebra Danio are Among tie Oldest and Easiest Fish to Keep in Aquariums

GREEN TIGER BARB: 2.5 inches, but almost as tall as long; semi-aggressive; must be kept in a heated tank; notorious for fin nipping- keep a school of 8 or more (will school with other tiger barb color morphs) in tank 36 inches long or more to discourage this behavior, also avoid slow moving or long finned tank mates.Tank mates: hardier barbs, fast moving danios and rasboras, sturdier tetras, platies, Florida flag fish, female swordtails, kribensis cichlids, other color morphs of tiger barbs…

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