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Jennifer Morrison - Behind the scenes - 5 * 1 "Dark Swan" - 14 July 2015

Oh Charming #CaptainSwan #OUAT

lol I love Charmings dad moments. I need more protective dad moments.

'Once Upon a Time' vs. 'Beauty and the Beast': A Step-by-Step Comparison of the Iconic Dances

'OUAT' Nailed this Iconic Disney Moment

Saying goodbye to her little prince

Regina and Henry

Emma & Henry walk in on Mary-Margaret & David in “The Cricket Game” | Once Upon A Time | I love this scene!

OUAT Tag Funniest Moment In season 1 when Emma and Henty walked in on Mary Margaret and David "resting" lol


At in our countdown is the first part of the Season Three Finale, Snow Drifts. <<<I hoped this would be after part 2

Oh gosh this episode was amazing. Someone help meeee *_*

Colin O'Donoghue / Killian Jones / Capitan Hook Jennifer Morrison / Emma Swan Once Upon A Time - C'era Una volta If you take place like thanks Miriam

Emma & Hook - 4 * 20 "Mother" #CaptainSwan Moment

Emma & Hook - 4 * 20 "Mother" #CaptainSwan Moment

Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin (OUAT - Prince Charming/Snow White) @ Disney awwwwwww

Wallpaper and background photos of Ginnifer&Josh for fans of Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas images.

Regina split in half

Awesome Regina Evil Queen Regina (Lana) Spring finale part 2 aired Sunday

“Who could be Storybrooke’s next visitor?” ------ Once cast at Good Morning America- 13 November 2015

” Colin and Jen Once cast at Good Morning America- 13 November 2015

BTS - 22 July 2015

Camelot knights in this morning. Behind the scenes - 5 "The Price" - 22 July 2015