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Day Favorite song = Nothing If I Didn't Have You! From Monsters Inc! It's a best friend song and I love those!

One of my favorite Walt Disney quotes.... - Imgur

"Keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things. Your curiosity will lead you down the path of succes"-Walt Disney SENIOR QUOTE

Foster Care, Adoption  Waiting

Words of wisdom from the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, but very true to remind us to be patient for The Lord's miracles!

Millors amics

Different but bestfriends . -Quotes Monster inc. I can't relate no matter where life takes you, you will always be my only best friend forever.

Found on Tumblr :: Illustrated by Risa Rodil

Wall-e -Ingenious Graphic Renderings of Quotes from Pixar Movies Artist Credit: Risa Rodil

pixar iphone cases--- wall-e= too clever by rose

Disney/Pixar iPhone cases, WANT I like how it's the TARDIS instead of Carl and Elle's house.

Monsters Inc.

Keep Calm and Carry On Disney Style

It's a musical! *nervously laughs* Put that thing back where it came from or so help me (bum bum bum!) so help me! so help me and cut!


Scandal in Disneyland just kidding this was a joke they do in stock photos where goofy finally get a date with somebody but no she's not cheating they told us Mickey and Minnie thought he want company to some sort of convention he was going to