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The DIY should be pretty self explanatory, but here are some links to items you can buy to fill up you terrarium. Star Wars, Aquarium Shrubs, terrarium accessories Sauce: [StarWars]

Awesome Star Wars Terrariums

I want an ewok garden. Awesome Star Wars Terrariums Are Awesome And For Sale

Lightsaber Technique

Lightsaber Technique

Darth Vader's Armor

10 things you didn't know about Vader's armour. Absolutely fascinating, very interesting and so freaking awesome. And super geeky


Funny pictures about Incredible Star Wars Posters. Oh, and cool pics about Incredible Star Wars Posters. Also, Incredible Star Wars Posters photos.

-_- why I need the prequels to be denounced as canon... but wait... if they don't align, then I don't think it IS canon at all!YES!!!

Random Star Wars Facts

I don't agree with the one about yodasurprised over Luke's father.Also dont all jedi train with Yoda as younglings.but the rest of them.yeah pretty much