High Sherlock drinking a Red Bull is one of my favorite things.

High Sherlock, drinking a Red Bull, giving Mycroft a cheers through a CCTV camera is one of my favorite things about The Lying Detective episode.



Sherlock and John, Holmes and Watson.

Friend:*Falls down the stairs* *Beginning to cry * It hurt so much!It hurt ! Me:Bitch!*Give her 3 Season of Sherlock,All season Doctor who,All season of Supernatural*Watch this and you will feel what pain feels like.

The moment we all wanted to be Molly. {gif} It's the beautiful hair ruffle.

I am standing next to my window and I keep waiting for this to happen to me.

I will never not love this gif<--the kiss of course, but seriously the whole thing. flip the collar then the hair thing he does! ugh kill me!

Setlock. Ben! And look - Mark!!

Sherlock Series Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss :) this picture is perfect.