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The Mighty Terror, “the man with the golden voice”. Born in Arouca, his calypso career began in 1947 at the Calypso Palace.. For years he sang at Kitchener’s Calypso Review Tent. He won the Calypso Crown in 1966 with "Steelband Jamboree" and "Last Year's Happiness," and represented T. & T. at the first World Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar, Senegal, 1985 – T. & T. Humming Bird Medal Silver (for Calypso) 2004 - C.O.T Lifetime Achievement Award. He remains an icon

Cassa Pancho is the artistic director and Founder of Ballet Black, which she established in 2001 to give dancers of black and Asian more opportunities to perform classical ballet. Ballet Black is an Associate Company of the Royal Opera House. She is of Trinidadian and British parents.

Visual and Found Poetry

found poetry.... OH MY GOSH I WAN TO TRY THIS!!! or just pick out random words from a page and use them in a poem... But this is amazing! It would get you thinking so much so that even if you can't find a poem on the given page, you'll probably find a poem on the blank page in your mind... I'm thinking cure for writers block

Mavis John's musical career began at 16 and she became known as the 'Soul Queen' of the Caribbean. She has a unique voice (like no other) and her style draws from calypso, jazz and soul music, but fits no particular genre. I went to and listened to little bits of her songs and I just wanted to hear more.