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50 illustrations qui montrent que le véritable amour se ressent dans chaque petit moment du quotidien

Como o próprio título já diz, são coisas simples, mas que podem ser a base em qualquer relação, porque, lembre-se: mais importante do que os grandes e eventuais gestos, são as singelas e espontâneas interações no cotidiano.  Amar é…

O amor está nas pequenas coisas...

So I translated the Spanish caption and - "The Korean artist Puuung found a way to capture the simple moments in life lived as a couple. The simple details that make up a relationship.

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Gorging on sugary snack. I get so happy munching on sweet snack with you when I don't feel well.

♥ YOUR LOVE ~ "Thank you for loving me."  ♥  by Puuung at https://www.facebook.com/puuung1?fref=ts  ♥

"Thank you for loving me." Ahhhh so romantic \(>_<)/ Thank you for the existence of two of you in this world, so that I can see your awesome masterpieces everyday and believe in true love.

Love Is, El Amor Es

♥  A PRESENT  ~  Anticipation for the gift!  ♥   by Puuung at grafolio.com/works/266041 ♥

선물(A present) by 퍼엉 on

We hope works on Grafolio will function beyond that of a simple portfolio and garner respect as a culture which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Illustrations of 2015 on Illustration Served

My nine Is your noon; I'm just packing now Your winter My June; Wish I could pack you. "He's leaving" by Lang Leav Illustrations of 2015 by Kathrin Honesta on Behance

Animated gif - Under the Rain

Animated Artwork from Davide Aurilia Graduated as a graphic designer in Enrolled at School of Comics in Milan, graduated in specializing in children’s illustration.

Animation, Concept Art, Models Sheets, etc. usuarios online All works published in this blog are the...

"Here We Are Again" Pascal Campion "Revisiting old places with new points of views makes for a whole new experience. I’m super busy with work and stuff these days and it’s one of these times when I feel my creativity being a bit on a.

We took a nap.

꿈(Dreams) by 퍼엉 on

Puuung: Love is something that everybody can relate to. And Love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork.