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Pin it NOW!!< WE ALL KNOW THE DRILL<<<< C'MON PEOPLE, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!<<<< spread like fire>>I'm only doing it cause this person persuaded me too

Is there something wrong with Justin being gay? There is nothing wrong with ANYONE being gay. I don't care who they are or what they've done- being gay is not a flaw.

NOT COOL!!! Hello fellow pinners. As you may have heard, pinterest is testing a new look. In it, social interaction will be further impaired, and we'll be reduced to mere content generators. Ever missed a messaging function? It's getting worse. Please repin this to alarm others, and then click to open the feedback form and tell them your opinion: http://pinterest.com/forms/new-pinterest-feedback/ Thank you.

Spread the word! With the new set up we can't interact with eachother anymore! Pin to your boards!

Who knows me best? @Chase Reinhart I know you da best

What do you think i am? comment a number than an answer

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I hate cancer and I hope that people don't joke about it and that they find a cure soon

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My most popular is minions.. This has nothing to do with minions but, it's what it says.. I want emojis!!

YES PENGUIN EMOJI *insert penguin emoji* wanna start a petition <<<< but guys look emoji.