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A world of crowdfunding activity - #infographic

Map showing the number of Crowdfunding Platforms in each country as of April 2012

Haunting photos by Pierre Pellegrini - http://pierrepellegrini.portfolio.artlimited.net/

Water and wind, the force of Nature / pierre pellegrini, no date. I like this image because it incorporates the force of wind with the force of nature. It makes the viewer automatically know that wind is blowing against the trees.

"The Little Bridge" by Jose Viegas  via whiteless.tumblr.com/

I like how in this image the water reflects the trees above, it gives the image a surreal feel to it. The reflection of the trees is like a person reflecting on their life as someone with depression would do. It was taken under the monicker of two color.

amazing night sky scenery

Funny pictures about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Oh, and cool pics about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Also, Just a nighttime stroll through the woods photos.

By the stream she walked, the fog surrounding her, alone she waited.

Act 3 Pond - maybe a transformation into black and white world that is devoid of color or hope

I'm still amazed at how that tree formed an almost perfect spade shape!  Taken at C.D. Farquharson Park, Scarborough one cold snowy night

This pictures describes the term simplicity. Simplicity is where there is no busy backgrounds and the photo is simple. This picture is perfect for simplicity because there is a simple tree for the viewer to see with a simple background.