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NY Times Calls Shonda Rhimes 'Angry Black Woman,' Now Everyone's Angry

What Is Your Race? For Millions Of Americans, A Shifting Answer

What Is Your Race? For Millions Of Americans, A Shifting Answer. The 2000 to 2010 shift from 'Hispanic' to 'White'

Spiritual Oneness = Global Solidarity & Justice. Oneness connects us at the visceral level with the spirit and bodily existence of all others, including their struggles. These struggles could be about economic deprivation, political or religious oppression, racial or social abuse. No one suffers in isolation. We all suffer together, be it in obvious ways or in more unconscious ways of a psychological, somatic or spiritual nature.

Is This the Grossest Advertising Strategy of All Time?

Is this the most disgusting marketing strategy ever? Probably. The Atlantic has a fascinating piece on a new marketing strategy that cosmetic companies and other businesses in the beauty industry are...

Hidden America -Poverty can knock on anyone's door. Working in NC I would come home from the health dept. and tell my husband, we needed to thank God for the carpeting, beds and food. People in a great nation suffering, parents depressed and drug addicted. When will we STOP sending money overseas and rescue our own nation? Lord help us not to judge or ridicule others for being less fortunate, but to reach out & pull our own people and nation up.

#ethnocide #memes Tony R. Mullis is an Associate Professor with the Department of Military History at the United States Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Kansas, 2002. His major fields include the history of the United States and military history @

“Ennis William Cosby was our gift. And his gift is for you.”– Camille O. and William H. Cosby