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i don't really like the overreaching sense of logic but... it's cute, and i like cute :)

Little "shippy" but I'm pinning just for the term "handkerchief of dreams" 😂

Briar Rose (Princess Aurora) I always thought she was one of the prettiest princesses

I have this poster! I actually lucked out and got in during the 4-minute Mondo window before it sold out.

"Modern vintage" Disney poster - by Tom Whalen my personal favorite elephant

If there is one Disney movie that makes me cry the most, its The Fox and The Hound! This movie makes me cry like a baby every time I watch it!

Fox and the Hound. Young Todd: Copper, you're my best friend. Young Copper: And you're mine too, Todd. Young Todd: And we'll always be friends forever.

Christopher Daniel Barnes and Jodi Benson as the voices of Eric & Ariel from The Little Mermaid This is my favorite Disney movie of all time.