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Scandal in Disneyland just kidding this was a joke they do in stock photos where goofy finally get a date with somebody but no she's not cheating they told us Mickey and Minnie thought he want company to some sort of convention he was going to

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie on Dapper Day. The next one is February We cannot miss it! I hope we get a pic with Mickey and Minnie in their cute dapper day outfits

Disneyland C. 1959

56 Amazing Disney Theme Park Photos

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember this whole thing was started by a mouse Walt Disney Mickey & Minnie 1950

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO CUTE    I would DIE! Being proposed to at my favorite place in the world, DISNEY WORLD!

This girl was so lucky to have a special Disney Princess Proposal! I wonder if they had a Disney wedding too! I would love a WDW proposal :)

Cinderella's Castle at Christmas... I want to see this in person

Disney World Cinderella's Castle cinderella's castle at christmas. Saw this in person. It is Awesome! tea Cinderella Castle at Walt

Hahahahahahaha, but they forgot Pocahontas and Rapunzle and Tiana and Mulan and Princess Leia (I know she's not a princess but I'm going to count her)

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Funny Movies Ecard: I'm sorry that I watch Tangled more than the average 6 year old girl...then again, I'm not sorry at all.

Funny Movies Ecard: I'm sorry that I watch Tangled more than the average 6 year old girl.

Cool Chick Win

i would totally marry a guy named andy and for my wedding shoes i would wear cowgirl boots. then i would belong to andy :).its a cute idea even if you dont have a guy named andy.

Adorable Disney Family

Disneyland - Anaheim California: Had so much fun in Disneyland. We can't wait to visit this place with our future family. Tip: Disneyland Paris is EXACTLY the same as Disneyland in Anaheim. Something we had to find out ourselves during our trip to Paris.