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thegeekindenial: Based on this post. i overheard these two guys in the hallway at my school and one of them was like “you always look hot dude… no homo tho” and then like 5 seconds later he yelled “sike!” and slapped the other dude’s ass

A tee of Wolverine casually roasting marshmallows over Ghost Rider’s head is definitely something I’d yell at Marvel to take my money for. STAN’S SOAPBOX (Aug. 1991) Art by John Romita Sr. Words by...

"No. He's on the other side! No!" Yells Clint as he stares at Wanda. "But Daaaaaaaaad, he's so nice, and I thought you and Tony were buds!" Then Steve and Bucky bust in holding a bunch of donuts, "Lol, no. Tony took all the donuts, but we stole them back." Yells Bucky. "But I'm dead to the donut shop." Yells Steve. *** Anyone get that??? I'm really way to into Clint as a Dad. :|

With a rebel yell, she cried, "It's Clobberin' Time!"

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