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'Recall' - house made of waxed threads. Beili Liu has re-created her parents’ house in Northern China. It’s a simple one-room building. Thin strands hang from the ceiling; wax slowly runs down the strings. In the end it will all become invisible.

Maurizio Cattelan, "Hollywood" 2001, Palermo, Sicily. Courtesy Galerie Perrotin. Enlightening description through link.

"How do you make a dark underpass less intimidating? Light it up like a rainbow. 'LightRails,' a.k.a. the Color Tunnel, is an installation underneath the old 18th Street viaduct near Railroad Park in Birmingham, AL. The piece, designed by San Antonio artist Bill FitzGibbons, comprises thousands of colorful LED lights programmable in more than 16 million color combinations. Public works FTW!" —#CNTtakeover by @ashleahalpern of @cartogramme #TravelerInBirmingham #TravelerInAlabama…

French artist Marc Giai-Miniet's works may look like doll houses at first, but they'll give you the chills. He creates miniature boxes with gloomy old-school sci-fi laboratories, attics, libraries, storage and interrogation cells, and houses full of dusty, rusty rooms.

Macro Photographs of Nature’s Tiniest Architects by Nicky Bay (Colossal)

Suspended Books Magically Fill Swiss Tunnel

Book window - Jan Reymond book installation for the Romainmôtier annual used book fair Visual concepts Philosophy, Style and Art By Adolfo Vásquez Rocca D. Phil