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Natural heartworm prevention: a viable alternative to pesticides. Learn more inside on what's worked for years in real Vital Animals.

Do you know anyone that their pet has heartworms? Lyme Disease? Nerve or brain damage? Even needing a dewormer? This is an ALL natural blend of herbs that is 100% guaranteed to work. Heartworms have been rid of in 2 weeks. Never use those deadly toxins again to kill them. This is an awesome solution to what many people have been looking for. Well here it is..You have to check these products out.

The Truth About Heartworms, by Jean Hofve, DVM — Explains the heartworm life cycle and why it isn't necessary to give year-round heartworm preventatives in most areas of the United States

One of the best products for preventing heart worms or any parasite. Also Will kill heart worms used everyday. I have used this product for years on all my K9's even when told they have heart worms after a month with the proper dosage, NO more heart worms.

There are some recent cases of dogs dying from the vet prescribed heart worm prevention meds. Why not treat them naturally & safely?

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